Sugar Cookies

All of La Imperial Bakery's sugar cookies are scratch made and hand decorated! 

Decorated sugar cookies start at $25.99 + tax per dozen.

Price varies depending on cookie size and intricacy of the design.  

Minimum order quantity is one (1) dozen.

Maximum one (1) design per dozen ordered.

Individual cellophane bag wrapping available for $5.00 + tax extra per dozen!

Price per dozen shown applies only to per-ordered items!

Items ordered less than 24 hours in advance will each be charged at the individual item price.

All sugar cookie orders must be placed a minimum of three (3) days prior

to the desired pick up date.  

Visit our location or call us at 863-500-4411 to order! 

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A $15.00 rush fee will apply to all catering and custom dessert orders placed less than 24 hours in advance.

All photographs are the sole property of La Imperial Bakery and may not be used without written permission.